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My profile

Name: Tracy or Thao
Nickname: SieuLazyGirl    
Age: 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1
Birthday: December 27
Address: White House...=)
Phone: 9...1....1  :o)
Boyfriend: take a guess...
Been in U.S: about 1+1+1+1
Religion: Catholic
Favorite Things Like To Do: Go Shopping, talking on the phone, mess up with other people,listen to musics, eating , and especially sleeppping...:o)
Favorite Sports: Tennis , Basketball, Volleyball,Soccer

Favorite Subjects: Math , Computer, Art

Favorite Colosr: Yellow, Purple, Blue(Sky),black and white of course

Favorite Holidays: Christmas, Viet New Year, Valentine's Day
Favorite Foods: "VIETNAMESE FOOD" , chinese food, american food (not alot of), and "SEA FOOD" of course!!
Favorite Flaces: Dallas, Houston, Austin, Lake, Camping, Mountain.
Music listen to: lots of slow music, some rap, (  Vietnamese , Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English)
Kind of boy to go out: honest, nice, cute, romantic, understanding, easy to talk with, funny, "MATURE" and got to be "catholic"
When feelling sad: Go shopping, chat on the internet, hanging out, talk on the phone, sleep, or eat alotssss of food...=)


Noi Ve Ban Than =)
Tai. Ha. Te^n La`: Thao hay Tracy     
Bie^t. Danh: "Nghichngom" hay "SieuLazyGirl"
Ngay` Tai' Xua^'t Giang Ho^`: Ngay` 27 thang' 12
Na(m nay :17 tuoi
Cu* Tru' Tai: White House...=)
Co' The^? Truye^n` Tin: 9-1-1 :o)
Tho^ng Tin Lie^n Lac :
Co^ng vie^c. thich' lam`"La`m Bie^ng' "..hehhee. .roi..."Lam` Thinh"..hhaaha.:o)  thich...ngu? , thich a(n,....ddi shopping, chat tre^n Internet , nghe nhac ,ddi pha' nguo*`i ta.

So*? thich' rie^ng: Xem phim, nghe nhac, la`m tho*, ve~, tim hie^u? nhu*ng gi` la`' the^? giup'' cho ban? tha^n.

U*o*c' mo*: co' the^? lam` vie^c. minh` ye^u thich', vui ve?, thoai? mai', nhie^u` tie^n` dde^? giup' gia ddinh`, and...kiem duoc nguoi ban         trai..that tot....=)

Thich Hoa: Ho^ng`  , Lai`, Phu*o*ng.

Thich A(n: ra^t.....ra^t' la`...nhie^u`.....Pho*?, ddo^` bie^n?, bo^t. chie^n, banh' canh, banh' beo`, banh cuo^n, che`, cac loai bun', hu? tieu mi` , Mi` Xao Don, Hu? Tieu Ho^`,Co*m Su*o*n`."Canh Nge^u" yummy...=)...v.v....(ddoi' bung qua')....:o)

Thich Uo^ng' : "SINH TO^' BO* ", nu*o*c' du*a`, coke, ho^t. e', nu*o*c' lanh, cam vat.

Thich the^? thao: bong' ro^?, ca^u` lo^ng, nhay? da^y, nhay? co` co`, dda' banh.

Thich xem phim: Xa~ ho^i dden, tinh` cam?, Ma, Kiem hiep

Thich nhac: buo^n`,  mot so nhac rap, (rat nhieu nhac Viet&Tau)

Thich danh hai`: Ut' Ma^p, Be' Ma^p, Ho^ng` DDa`o, Quang Minh, Bao? Chung, Bao Quo^c;, Hoai` Linh, Bao? Liem, Chi' Tai`, Va^n So*n, Trang Thanh Lang.

Thich ngay`: Noel, te^t' Viet nam, Le^~ Tinh` Nha^n, va ngay` "Sinh Nha^t. " cua? minh`

Thich mau` : Tim' , vang`, xanh da troi va mau` Tra(ng' va DDen of course
Thich mo^n hoc: vi tinh, toan dai so, ve~

Thich ban trai: vui ve?, ga la(ng, thanh` tha^t, de^~ thu*o*ng, kho^ng hut thuo^c', kho^ng co*` bac. , kho^n g tu* cao,
kho^ng dde^u?,  de^~ hoa` ddo^ng, tu*. nhie^n , va dda(t. bie^t. la` "DDAO CO^NG GIAO' "

Thich ban gai' :vui ve?, kho^ng ganh ty., kho^ng ddie^u, kho^ng qua^y., kho^ng tu* cao, va kho^ng ich' ky?

Ghe't loai ngu*o*`i : tu* cao, keo kie^t., ich' ky?, nong' tanh', pha^n bie^t., dde^u?, a(n cho*i, ganh ty.

Ngu*o*i ban trong mo^ng: cac ban. ddoan thu ddi =)

Ngu*o*i` ban trong tu*o*ng lai : thanh` tha^t., mature, lo la(ng va thu*o*ng minh`, quan ta^m va hoi? tha(m, chung thuy?, vui ve?, lam`         vie^c gioi?, de^~ hoa` ddo^ng vo*i moi ngu*o*i`, kho^ng hut thuo^c'," DDao. Co^ng Giao'."

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