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Favorite Songs
Ra^t' ra^t' la` nhie^u`..(a lots) Lam Sao Anh Biet? , Tinh Thoi Xot Xa 2, Tham Goi Ten Anh,Muon Mang, Vet thuong tinh,Tinh` Thu*' Nha^t', Nu. Ho^n Bie^t. Ly, Dan'g Xu*a,To^i Kho^ng Tin, Tha` Ra(ng Nhu* The^', Ngu*o*`i Ta Noi', No^i~ Nho*' Con Tim Mo^` Co^i, Ngu*o*i` La Nie^m DDau, Phut Chia Tay, Chia Tay,Trai' Tim Ba(ng Gia', Nho*' Anh, Tinh` DDa^u` Kho' Que^n, Tinh` DDa^u` Va^~n Kho' Phai, Ke? Ye^u Tha^m`, Ye^u Em A^m Tha^m`, Hoa Tan`, Khung Tro*i` Ngay` Xu*a, Ao? Mo^ng Tinh` Ye^u, Lac. Ma^t' Don`g So^ng, Mu*a Buo^n`, Bo*` Be^n' La., Da^u' Cho^n Tinh` Buo^n`, Cha^n Tinh`, Tro*? Ve^` Pho^' Cu~,Tinh` Cuo^i' Mua` DDo^ng, Hat' Cho Ngu*o*i` O*? Lai, Ca^y DDan` Sinh Vie^n, Da^u' Ye^u, Ky? Nie^m Kho' Que^n, Va^n Vu*o*ng, Khi Ngu*o*i` DDan` O^ng Khoc', Nhung Nho*' Tinh` Anh, Tinh` Va^n~ Chu*a Ye^n, DDu*ng` Noi' Ca^u Gia~ Tu*`, Cuo^c. Tinh` Ca^y DDa(ng, Ma(t' Buo^n`, Tinh` No^ng`, Mo^t. Ngay` Mua` DDo^ng, Tinh` Kho*`,Lo*~ Ye^u Em Ro^i`, Em Va^n~ Cho*, Phu't Bie^t Ly, Tinh` Su*o*ng Khoi', Ho*~i Ngu*o*i` Tinh`, La' Ua', Gio' Ba^c', Thu*o*ng Nho*' Ngu*o*i` Du*ng, Cha Ye^u, Me. Ye^u, Tinh` Cha, Chia Xa, Ye^u Dai Kho*`, Tinh` Cuo^ng` Say, Trai' Tim Vo^ Tinh`, Co^' Que^n DDu*o*c DDa^u, No^~i Buo^n` Lang~ Que^n, Me^nh Mo^ng Tinh` Buo^n`, Let's Get Loud, Hay~ Ve^` Vo*i' Em, Sa^u` Thie^n Thu, Tinh` Ye^u Soi? DDa', Sa(c' Mau`, Baby Once More Time. To^i Ngan` Na(m DDo*i, Cho Em Lo*i` Cuo^i', DDi Ve^` No*i Xa, Xin Mo^t. La^n` Tho^i, Khi Tinh` Ye^u DDe^n', Co*n Mo* Hoang DDu*o*ng`, Ti`m Lai Da^u' Ye^u,  Pho^' Cu~ Va(ng' Anh,  Tinh` Kho^ng DDo^i? Thay, DDu*ng Goi Phone Va` Nha(n' Tin, Binh Minh Tinh` Ye^u, Mo^t. Tho*i` DDa~ Xa, Tinh` Xa Khua^t', Thie^ng DDu*o*ng` Mong Manh, Hat' Cho Ngu*o*i` Ye^u Da^u', Tie^ng' DDan PHu` Du, Khung Tro*i` Ngay` Xu*a, Pho^' Xua^n, Tinh` Em Ngo.n Ne^n', Con` Lai No^i~ Co^ DDo*n, Khu'c Nha.c Buo^n`, Tinh` Ngang Trai', Nho*' Ve^` Em, Nho*' Ngu*o*i`, Tie^n? Ban. Le^n DDu*o*ng`, My Love Is Gone, Tomorrow Will COme, Hat Vo*i' Don` So^ng, Nho*' Ga^p' Ngan` La^n` Ho*n, Em Va^n~ La` Em, Lie^n Khuc' O^i Tinh` Ye^u, Sa^u` DDo*n Co^i, No*i A^y' Binh` Ye^n, Tinh` Tho^i Xo't Xa, Bie^t Khuc', Ta^m Ho^n` Xao DDo^ng., Tinh` Quay Got', Kie^p' Ve Sa^u`, Lang Thang, CHia Tay Trong Mu*a, Tro^ng' Va(ng', Va(ng Bo'ng Em, Trai' Tim Tho^n? Thu*c', Anh va Em, lemon tree, Lo*i` Tinh` Gian Do^i', Tan Vo~, Tinh` Chong' Phai, Kiss and say goodbye,The last goodbye, My sweet love, I'll be there for you, Mo^t Thu*o*? ye^u Ngu*o*i`, 999 Roses of love, Bad Boy, You Will Find Your Way,I Never Thought, Paper lantern night, I'll Dream Of You, Season in the sun, all this time, don't know why,Once Again, I Love You Baby, Big Big World, Autumn Leaves, Day Dream, My Destiny, Rhythm of the rain, Together again, Secret place, Spring is Mine, Gently I proceed, From The Depth of My Heart, Careless Whisper, Voices in the rain, Don't Speak, More Than I can Say, Too Late to Hold ON, Cherished Moments, Voulez vous, First Love, I dont need your love, Baby i'm so sorry, Baby don't go, i think i don't love you enough, If tomorrow never come, Tell Me, Why lie To Me,Will You Still, A Part Of You, Got Rice,.....................................................................................I think that's enough.....i got more..but i can't type hand so hurt.....(moi tay qua' ro^i`....=) )

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